NCCEC Workshops

Friday, January 25, 2019

Doing the Things No One Else Wants to Do

Mastering Multi-Generational Ministry
Are you having difficulties understanding people from different generations? Are you growing frustrated trying to work with people younger or older than you are? Any healthy ministry will have people from various generations working together toward the common mission. In this session, we will discuss the backgrounds, core values, and vital benefits of each generation, equipping leaders to value each other and maximizing multi-generational relationships.

Not Rich Yet … Just Not Broke
If you want the peace of God in your life and prosperity to be your portion, then living paycheck to paycheck is a path that will prevent and hinder your peace with God. In this session, you will learn that God’s Word has a clear path for financial wellness and abundant living.
Saturday, January 26, 2019

Children’s Ministry

Consecration: My Life Set Apart for God
Have the children you teach offered themselves to God? Help them understand that the gifts, talents and abilities that God has given them belong to Him. Empower children to set their lives apart for God.

Christian Growth and Personal Development

Single and Satisfied
Participants will learn about God’s perspective on singleness. Learn how to live a fulfilled, God-honoring life and identify the benefits of the single Christian life.

Church Structure

Building a High Performance Ministry Team in the Modern Era
This workshop will focus on how to build a high performing ministry team and will assist pastors and church leaders in the selection, retention, and utilization of ministry members. You will also learn how to lovingly remove ineffective ministry leaders.

Worship Cultures
It has been said that it’s easier for believers to work together than to worship together. Our churches often grapple with remaining relevant to contemporary culture while not conforming to the world’s mold. In this session, participants will: discuss the conflict between culture and congregations; consider the effects of “doing business as usual” versus confronting change in worship; and explore ways to improve worship ministry within the community of faith.


How to Discern the Times and Offer a Relevant Response
This session will help you as a leader to recognize that God works in our lives in seasons. You will become aware of the season God has for you and learn to move in the rhythm of that season, bringing righteousness, joy and peace to your life and ministry.

Carriers of God’s Presence in Challenging Times
In this session, you will learn how you as a leader can righteously respond to our challenging times in a way that brings kingdom results. You will learn to engage in prayer and effectively respond to common crisis situations.

Courageous Leadership: Creating an Atmosphere of Growth for Ministry Members
In this session, we will focus on a ministry leader’s responsibility to create an atmosphere that
helps members to: grow in their relationship with Christ; use their spiritual gifts and talents to
become transformational disciples for Christ; and apply servant leadership techniques that
honor and support the vision of the pastor and mission of their ministry.

Shape the Future: Developing Emerging Leaders
Is the next generation the church of the future or the church of today? It is necessary to begin cultivating and mentoring rising generations today. In this session we will discuss kingdom perspectives and explore strategies to help emergent leaders develop in their roles and reach their greatest potential.


Staying on Track
In life, we have all kinds of things that try to knock us off track. Satan does everything he can tokeep you busy. He knows if he can keep you busy with things that really do not matter, he does not have to worry about you doing the things that really do matter. In this session, we will look at some tools that will help you to stay on track in your life.


Teaching for the Total Child
What does it take to build a strong generation for God that is spiritually balanced? It takes teaching to a child’s mind, heart and will. This session will include Biblical principles to help you equip the total child using multi-sensory methods.

Young Adult Ministry

Creating Inter-Generational Worship with Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and the BuilderGenerations
Millennials may not feel included in the future of the church when the older generation says, “The youth are the church of today.” Learn how generations can work together and plan to pass the torch to the next generation while respecting current practices.

Millennials: You Can Reach Them
Do you feel like millennials are the next unreached people group? They happen to be all around you. Whether you know it or not, they need you! In this session, you will learn about powerful tools that you can use to reach and lead the next generation.

How Do I Have That Talk with Millennials About Sex and Relationships?
In many churches today, the word “sex” seems like a derogatory word. Learn practically how to have the discussion within your ministry context to engage a subject that is rampant within the Millennial and I-Gen cultures.

Creating a Culture of Success in Young Adult Ministry
Young adult ministry can be one of the most challenging ministries to maintain because many young people leave the church at the age of 18 and do not return until their thirties. Learn how to maintain a ministry culture of success to keep you young adults engaged in ministry.


Asset Based Youth Ministry
Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) provides great insight into how to see youth, not just as beneficiaries of ministry, but also as agents of change who can transform their communities. Explore seeing youth through a different set of lenses that affirms being created in the image of God.

Building a Diverse Youth Ministry
The world is becoming more unified in diversity, while the church stays generally divided and segregated. We have an opportunity in our youth groups and organizations to create a culture where youth from all backgrounds are united in the body of Christ. You will learn practical tips to developing a youth ministry that reflects the diversity of your community.

How to Help Youth Deal with Anger
This session will address the anger-inducing issues that youth are facing and provide tools you can use to help them cool off and righteously respond.

Supporting Youth After a Death
This session will provide an overview of grief and healing. Participants will gain an
understanding of the grief process, ideas for supporting youth through their grief journey, and methods for addressing the grief needs of youth workers.